Art Consulting Services

Marion Dixon’s MARVELLOUS ART consulting service

Marion Dixon’s Marvellous Art consulting service provides independent art consulting and curator services – as well as writing and editing – for corporate and private collectors of twentieth century and contemporary South African art.

For the novice or more established corporate or private art collector Marvellous Art consulting service provides a client specific approach to collecting art. Marvellous Art is not affiliated to any gallery, auction house or art dealer and is therefore uniquely placed to consult to corporate and private clients and to source artworks from a range of art dealers and galleries.


10 Responses to Art Consulting Services

  1. Dave Liddell says:

    Lovely blog! Asks all the questions about art that I have!

    Please consider recommending Robben Island Art to some corporate clients – we are developing a large range, and looks stunning. Also see Chris Swift’s work at the Apartheid Museum (2010 installation).


  2. Nelly Thompson says:

    Great blog, very informative for those who need to get inspired to go out and see what is happening in the big world.


  3. Virginia MacKenny says:

    hi Marion – I am looking for the catalogue of your Water Thread of Life exhibition – where may I get one or could you send me a PDF of it.

    Virginia MacKenny


  4. Camilla Kinnear says:

    Hi Marion, My Name is Camilla, I also would very much like to order a copy of your catalogue Water Thread of Life. Please could you contact me regarding this. I am hoping to do my Research Article for the Unisa Visual Arts Degree on Land Art in South Africa and I believe this exhibition to be an exceptional example of Environmental art in South Africa.
    Kind regards, Camilla


    • Dear Camilla, Thank you for your kind words re the Water Exhibition. Catalogues should be available from the Standard Bank Gallery, Sue Isaac. Good luck with you research article and let me know if you need any further information. Best regards MAMs


  5. Charl Grabe says:

    Hi Marion
    Love your blog! Please look at my solo exhibition CARNIVAL on – the 12 archival ink prints will raise R360 000 for the ACT rhino fund.
    Kind regards, Charl


  6. John Vitale says:

    Hi Marion,
    Years ago, I bought a Diane Victor etching entitled “Scavenger” at the Amaridian Gallery in New York City, which is no longer in business. It is framed and in quite good condition, the 6th of an edition of 10. It is 45 x 83 inches framed.
    Can you advise how to resell this?


    • Dear John,
      Please send me an image and any other inscriptions of the Diane Victor to and I will do a valuation of the work and if you are in agreement we can arrange for consignment to one of Strauss & Co’s upcoming major sales. We charge a 12% commission (VAT payable on the commission only) for our live auctions and 15% for online auctions. Please see our website recent sales of Diane Victor’s work under Artists (choose live auctions first). I work full time for Strauss as an art specialists. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Marion


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