Marion Dixon muses on twentieth century and contemporary South African art and more…

Marvellous Art Musings interactively muses on twentieth century and contemporary South African art and showcases the vibrant South African art scene and more.

Marvellous Art Musings presents South Africa’s art production from an independent and very personal perspective. It is an accessible, visually vibrant, informative and interactive platform to deliberate on a range of issues and debates about South African art and artists. Constructive comment, differing points of view, opinions and questions all contribute to a healthy discourse on South Africa’s lively field of art.

Keeping up with artists, art happenings, exhibitions, art talks and walkabouts, art fairs, new art venues and ventures, visits to artists’ studios, important art auctions and much more can be quite daunting. Hence the creation of Marvellous Art Musings, a Blog to give readers a glimpse of some of the many marvellous and varied art events taking place in and around Johannesburg and further afield.

Marion Dixon’s MARVELLOUS ART consulting service

Marion Dixon’s Marvellous Art consulting service provides independent art consulting and curator services – as well as writing and editing – for corporate and private collectors of twentieth century and contemporary South African art.

For the novice or more established corporate or private art collector Marvellous Art consulting service provides a client specific approach to collecting art. Marvellous Art is not affiliated to any gallery, auction house or art dealer and is therefore uniquely placed to consult to corporate and private clients and to source artworks from a range of art dealers and galleries.


A few years ago, I unceremoniously tossed aside my corporate career spanning more than two decades years as media, communication and public relations specialist. I made the seemingly rash decision to walk away from any semblance of long-term security to pursue a life-long interest in art.

First, I dabbled in a decorating venture before heading for the hills on an extended travel sabbatical. I then enrolled at the University of Witwatersrand (WITS), Johannesburg, to read for a Master’s degree in History of Art. I graduated with distinction in November 2009. My Masters research report examined changing patterns of corporate art collecting in South Africa.

In 2010 I was commissioned to curate a major exhibition at The Standard Bank Gallery, situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, and arguably South Africa’s premier exhibition space. Titled, Water, the Delicate Thread of Life, the exhibition set out to navigate a course through the many wonders and complexities of water and it challenges the way we think about and respond to one of the most precious commodities on earth, water. The critically acclaimed exhibition opened in July 2011 and ran until October 2011 – and was accompanied by a comprehensive 160 page catalogue.

As a freelance art consultant, curator and author I have also been invited to deliver art lectures, for example some 25 talks, at the recent 20th Century Masters: The Human Figure, an exhibition which formed part of a cultural exchange between South Africa and France.

At the beginning of any new venture there are always moments of great exuberance followed by moments of misgiving.  I find solace in the words of one of the world’s greatest artists, Pablo Picasso:

‘If you jump, you might fall on the wrong side of the rope. But if you’re not willing to take the risk of breaking your neck, what good is it? You don’t jump at all.’

Pablo Picasso. As quoted by Kahnweiler in The Rise of Cubism and Mailer, Norman. (1995), Portrait of Picasso a young man. (Preface) London.Little, Brown and Company.