ART AND THE GAME. Part I. Strange bedfellows

Who would’ve thought that the usually sedate, introspective and discreetly tucked away fine art sector would step out into the colourful crowd trumpeting their vuvuzelas with as much gusto as the cheering fans? That’s what this ball game does. It turns preconceived notions and the world as we know it upside down.

This winter in South Africa art events reverberated in a range of venues and art media all over Johannesburg. Artists, galleries and cultural organisations energetically responded to the prospect of the global spotlight falling on Africa and South Africa. Here was an opportunity like no other to showcase art production, to capitalise on the event and for artists to explore the multiple ramifications of this global phenomenon. And what a veritable feast it has been.

But say what you may, art and football make strange bedfellows. So too do Mick Jagger and Bloemfontein where the once hell raiser was spotted in the stands looking more like a banker than a rocker. That’s not to mention the busted then released self seeking airhead hotel heiress making a spectacle of her herself in Port Elizabeth. David Beckham, Bill Clinton, Charlize Theron and a million more from all over the world came to South Africa in pursuit of the thrill and the spills of the game. One may well agree with with the sixties group who sang ‘It’s a strange, strange world we live in Master Jack’ (Four Jacks and a Jill in 1968).

In the next few days I will be examining the good the bad and the downright ugly that I came across as art ventured bravely into the world of sport.

I have already covered in some detail Halakasha and The Eleven Football and Art – South Africa x Brazil 2014.


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