The curious case of the gallery walkabout

The latest fashion to hit the art scene is indeed the gallery walkabout as Melvyn Minnaar so aptly points out in his piece titled, The Artful Viewer: March 2010: Walk-about, talk-about in the The South African Art Times dated 26 February 2010.

Like Minnaar I have also grappled with this trend and why it has become necessary to explain art and its relevance to the gallery going public. The discourse revolving around accessing and making sense of conceptual contemporary art will no doubt rage on for decades. And the question whether art today can be grasped only by those ‘in the know’ and whether contemporary art has become the exclusive domain of academics remains a moot point.

And now to make things even worse, blog sites such as this one are beginning to regurgitate what is said at these walkabouts in an attempt to give those interested in art some means of gaining insight into the rarefied world of contemporary art.

But perhaps by interactively capturing and placing on record some of the thinking that gives rise to contemporary art, the intentions of artists and curators and the process of realising these visions, may in some small way contribute to documenting an aspect of South African art history in the making.


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Marvellous Art Musings interactively muses on a personal journey in the field of twentieth century and contemporary South African art, and showcases the vibrant South African art scene and more ... Marvellous Art provides art consulting, curating and writing services
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